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2365 Redskin Bush corner Zambezi Teak Streets, Rosslyn Gardens Ext. 44, Rosslyn, Pretoria

Shikenah Syncromed Technologies

Suppliers and Technical Support of Medical Equipment and Disposables, Electrical Installations and Infrastructure Maintenance, Hospital Furniture, Exclusive Distributers of Surgiris LED Theatre Lights and Pendants

Medical Equipment

We supply and do preventative maintenance of Medical Equipment

Hospital Furniture

We supply Hospital Furniture like, Beds, Trolleys, Cots, Couches, Tables, Cabinets, just to mention a few

LED Theatre Lights

We are exclusive Distributes of Surgiris LED Theatre Lights and Pendants


We supply medical accessories like, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) Cuff & Tubes , SpO2 Probes, Connectors, ECG Cables, just to mention a few


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