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Preventative Maintenance of Medical Equipment

SST was initially founded as a Biomedical Technical Services Company. We have invested in manufacturer training for our personnel over the years to ensure that only premium quality technical services are offered to our clients. We are fortunate to have within our staff compliment a number of qualified Clinical Engineers with many years of experience in rendering preventative and corrective maintenance of medical equipment.

We are able to offer service contracts to State and Private Medical Facilities and Institutions that eliminates the need for our clients to deal with multiple service providers. This means that our clients who sign up service or maintenance contracts with us, deal with a single entity. We only use original equipment spare parts to ensure that the manufacturer’s specifications for the correct function of the medical equipment maintained. This enables us to minimise down-time of the equipment and also prolongs the life of the equipment maintained. We have invested in high quality Biomedical calibration equipment to certify the correct function of any equipment we maintain.

We also offer repair and maintenance contracts on all medical equipment that we sell into the market. These contracts can be purchased as a once-off expense or alternatively can be billed monthly to suit our clients needs.

SST maintains all medical equipment as per the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) standards and to the level of best practice as prescribed by the manufacturers’ standards. We have in house and field clinical technicians scattered all over the country on call 24/7. Our duties include, inter alia:
• Asset management
• Planned preventative maintenance
• Corrective Maintenance

Contracts Awarded:
HEDP 046/09 – SST successful in being awarded a Biomedical Technical Preventative Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance contract in the Sekhukhune District in Limpopo for a period of 3 years. From our service centre in Bela-Bela, Limpopo we render maintenance services to 7 State Hospitals, 5 Health Centres and more than 70 Clinics successfully.

We are endeavouring to offer our client, the Department of Health Limpopo Province, a premium service that will enable them to deliver quality healthcare and service delivery to the local population and visitors alike. We are committed to empowering the local community by providing in-service training of clinical staff and identifying local individuals that are candidates for receiving training either as Clinical Engineers, Technical Assistants or Asset Managers.

Casteel Animal Hospital, Mpumalanga – We have been awarded a contract to furnish and maintain the supplied equipment to the Casteel Animal Hospital.

Groote Schuur Hospital – We have installed theatre lights and we continue to maintain them at this hospital.

SST is also available to supply a wide range of Medical Equipment and Supplies. We only supply quality products that we know will serve our customers well for many years. Of course we also have the capacity to maintain these products to ensure that they will be maintained at the optimum level for the life of the product.

Vaporiser Calibration and Servicing

Anaesthesia Vaporisers are used to deliver exact percentages of inhalation anaesthetic agents to patients undergoing General Anaesthetic. It is very critical that the correct test and calibration equipment be utilised during this process. Most test equipment that Clinical Engineers generally use may be adequate for spot checking, but the “Gold Standard” for this calibration/certificate is the Laser Refractometer. SST uses this standard to test and calibrate all their vaporisers.

Why service vaporisers?
• To ensure the vaporizer is delivering the correct required concentration of anesthetic agent it needs to be professionally serviced.
• Unserviced vaporizers have the potential to leak agent into the O.R. atmosphere causing a potential health hazard.

Why service your vaporisers with SST?
•SST has been calibrating vaporizers for over 5 years and has the experience and trained personnel to provide safe handling and working procedures for optimizing the long term performance of your equipment.
•SST offers a quick turn-around time. From the time your vaporizer arrives at SST it takes between 1-3 days.
•SST offers a great price for clean and calibration.

Service Intervals
The primary standard for re-calibration / certification is the manufacturer recommendation. If no such recommendation exists then the anesthetic agent delivery should be validated annually or any time the vaporizer has not been in service for more than one year. If the verified delivery is ± 10% out of calibration, the unit should be serviced by a professional service center.

Indication of service: Discoloration (yellowish-brown) in the “Fill” sight glass of a vaporizer may be an indicator for the need for service by an authorized service center. Other indicators might include cracked or damaged hoses, sticking valves or knobs, patients not responding (as anticipated) to the level of anesthesia provided.

Documentation of Service
SST provides specific documentation with every service:
• A sticker with the date of the next service
• Test results with the service and the next service date
• Vaporizers will have a certificate of the calibration